Imagine joining a group of 8 committed, driven professionals. People from different industries, with different backgrounds, all dedicated to your improvement. If you've ever wanted to create or join such a group, the Visionaries is just for you.

It's a curated group of professionals ready to level up.

We've wasted too much time trying to learn in ways that fail to give us the insights we seek.

Think of times in your own life that you developed deep insights on what you needed to do next. Those moments happen when we're collaborating with people dedicated to our success. 

Speaking of success, what type of success are we going for?

The success of imagining and then creating a better you. The success of reaching the next level in your personal, spiritual, and professional development. The success of creating a vision for a better future and unlocking your deepest potential. 

I'm of the belief that by changing the way we work, we can create positive change in our own lives. Those positive changes ripple into our families, our communities, and the world.


The Visionaries is a 4 week course of co-learning.  

Each week we focus on something to learn. I'll share something around that week's topic along with an exercise to complete. Some of the exercises might be a one time deal, others might be a daily activity. It's designed to morph and change as we go along.

In this experimental first month we're focusing on stepping up your output.

The rough outline for the course (subject to change, of course) is:

  1. Developing more resilience
  2. Crafting a problem solving mindset
  3. Removing barriers to better work
  4. Better habits to keep going

If you're worried about the exercises, know that they're designed to be short. I'm focused on those few actions that maximize the ROI on the time invested. I'm interested in minimum effective dose type actions.

An example is writing 5 things you’re grateful for every day. It takes a few minutes to complete but has shown to have lasting effects on your outlook on life for up to 24 hours. That effect multiplies the more you do it.

The exercises are just a starting point. The purpose is getting everyone more comfortable working through the exercises together. They're a chance to share what you discovered, how you were challenged, or ways you adapted the exercise. 

That's why this course is not for everyone. 

I’m looking for self-starters. People with a history of pushing themselves to reach the next level. People wanting to create change in their lives. People wanting to create change in the lives of others.

If you’re looking to be a passive consumer, this group isn’t for you.

It's designed to get active change makers together. To uplift, to challenge, and to grow.

More details:

  • Overview: 4 week co-learning experience for 8 professionals
    • The group will stay open after the course. It's designed to be a place for you to go to keep improving well after the course ends.
  • Cost: $297. No refunds.
    • If you want to discuss payment options, shoot me a message at the bottom of the page.
  • Application deadline: Tuesday, April 5 by 11:59 pm PST
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    • I'm doing rolling admissions. That means I'm considering each application on it's own merits as much as possible. If there are 8 people accepted and 100 others who applied, we're going with those first 8. It favors those who apply first, so complete your app ASAP.

Whether you're all in on the course or just on the fence, I'd encourage you to apply anyways. You never know what could come of it. If nothing else, it gives you and I a chance to connect more deeply.

To your success.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead