RMR2 - "We are not taught to expect change"

Saso Luznar serves as a volunteer at the Venus Project. He's involved in helping shift humanity towards using technological advancement to benefit people.

Find out more about The Venus Project here. The documentary is located there.


  • We see this as a world unified in a project
  • Our productivity increased… But we still have a lot of the problems we’ve had 50-100 years ago.
  • There’s no one thing in the world that stands on its own
  • We’re not about technology and we’re not about designs. We’re about what you do with that technology and designs and how that helps people
  • How the body functions, you can see how that’s used in city systems
  • In today’s society we are not really open to change
  • It's more challenging to ask the right question than it is to give an answer
  • There’s a problem, you need somebody to come at it a different way to provide a solution

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