RMR3 - "Those 5 years of struggle... they were my university"

Paul Ross is the founder of Paul Ross group, a real estate firm in Washington’s eastside. Paul creates massive success for himself, his team, and his clients year after year.

Have any real estate thoughts or questions? Get in touch with Paul by emailing him at paulrossrealty@gmail.com.


  • I already know where I’m going in life. How is French gonna help me?
  • I noticed lots of friends working construction making good money.
  • Those 5 years of struggle of learning to be independent and achieve, that was my university.
  • My belief in hustling is that when I am hustling, I’m 100% focused on what I’m doing.
  • What motivates me in my office is competition. I love competition.
  • Meeting people has a lot to do with getting out of your comfort zone.
  • We can’t let past relationships limits how strong, powerful, and significant our new relationships can be.
  • To build a relationship, you have to start trusting the person a little bit.
  • You could have the nice car and nice house and everyone will be there but are those relationships real?
  • When I started looking at people equally and their strengths and talents and complimenting them, I started seeing more success.
  • I believe in giving people chances and taking risks.

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