RMR4 - "When you establish that culture of constant change… it’s embraced."


Mira Lane is the founder of Microsoft Team.

In this open and honest conversation, Mira talks about all kinds of topics. We touch on how her kids influenced the decision to having people answerable to her, where she gathers ideas for products and product features,  and how to create a culture of innovation.

Mira also touches on the importance of artistic expression outside of work and building a team.

To learn more about Mira's work, check out www.miralane.com.


  • [My daughter] challenges work to rise up and answer the question, "is it interesting or rewarding enough to leave home for? Is what I'm doing worth it?"
  • I got rid of my team because I asked, "how do I spend my day?"
  • Why did I spend all this time managing employees? Because it was the natural path and I never questioned it
  • One of the key philosophies was let's build the minimum product and have everyone using it. We turned off everyone's email and forced ourselves to live in it.
  • Some of the best product people are able to take influences from many different areas. They understand and look at people.
  • What are people's fears? What drives them? What are those new paradigms? What are those problems that people are facing that they don't even know they're facing?
  • The biggest risk is closing down the idea too quickly.
  • We created the culture from the beginning that everything can be changed in the product. Thus when things are changed, it's embraced.
  • Choose people who are flexible, who can work in many different directions, and you know the good and the bad.
  • You need to sell the idea as something more meaningful.
  • Assume the best in people.

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