When Thrashing Around Turned Into a Business - AOC 29

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Isaac Watson describes the long journey into his current non-profit. From designing websites to creating jewelry, Isaac spent a long time tinkering around with whatever he could get his hands on.

Isaac's grandfather gave him a camera that he held dear. He spent time taking it apart and putting it back together. He slipped one of the lenses on as a bengal one time and noticed he could make jewelry. He started selling some jewelry on the side. A friend mentioned the site Etsy and Isaac got curious. Isaac listened to his friend and got his stuff online. Isaac immediately realized school had ill-equipped him for the endeavor. He hardly understood the various aspects of running a business and had to figure out a lot of the stuff on his own.

Through tinkering, Isaac made it happen. Now, he's taking what he learned and connecting makers across the nation. He's connecting and supporting creative makers by bringing them together in a supportive environment.

We chat about Isaac's story. He reveals key moments in his youth that encouraged him to start making more. We chat briefly about labels and how they impacted his own development as a creative professional. Isaac also shares a mindset that's tough to develop, but that helped him grow and improve his skill set.

  • Support: Attend some of the Maker's Nation workshops. Buy a membership to the community. Spread the word of the community to help it cross the country through various disciplines.
  • Success Habit: Question and challenge everything.
  • Bonus Success Habit: Help people understand that they deserve to thrive. 
This episode is supported by Simplecast, the ridiculously easy way to host a podcast.

This episode is supported by Simplecast, the ridiculously easy way to host a podcast.