Join me as we dig into masters of the Art of Change. I interview people creating change, dig into the skills and mindsets that helped them succeed, and explore the story behind the success.

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Archived Interviews

37. What Can Focusing on Your Body More Do For Your Business? - Willo O'Brien

36. How to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities - Jenny Leonard

35.Grossed Out by Bugs? Here's Why You Need to Change... - Vanessa Amaral-Rogers

34. Getting Creative After Getting Fired - Saya Hillman

33. Developing More Integrity - Christie Nordhielm

32. Humanizing Homelessness - Erika Barraza & Heather Warnken

31. Inside the Daily Routine of a Creative Force - Dane Sanders

30. Fear - Sukhneet Singh

29. When Thrashing Around Turned Into a Business - Isaac Watson

28. The Power of Creating a Community - Jessica Williams

27. Fostering Growth by Creating Content Mac Prichard

26. Being Comfortable With Your Grief Megan Devine

25. Creating More Meaning in Your Life Melanie Cobb

24. Starting a Movement in an Afternoon Kevin Delie

23. Getting Word of Mouth Online With - Nathan Labenz

22. How Suffering Can Make You Strong Diane Meriwether

21. How to Unlock Your Best Work Andrew J. Pulkrabek

20. Connecting Sukhneet Singh

19. Humility Sukhneet Singh

18. The Art of Learning by Doing Victor Saad

17. The Simple Secret to Getting Creative Gigs Grant Spanier

16. Creating Kaur Thoughts to Empower Sikh Women Lakhpreet Kaur  

15. Facing Your Fears About Work Jake Woodbridge

14. How I Started Art of Change Sukhneet Singh

13. Developing Frameworks to Promote Diversity Sayumi Irey

12. How to Connect With Anyone Peg Cheng

11. Training for the Fortune 500 - Alan Sugiyama

10. The Key to Creating a Powerful Body of Work - Pamela Slim

9. Creating a New Academic Field Francis X. Shen

8. Taking Small Steps Toward Becoming Unmistakable Srinivas Rao

7. Developing More Sustainable Futures Through Permaculture Muffadal Saylawala

6. Changing Culture Through Clothing Curtis Bright

5. From Side Project to Startup - Will & Owen ImholteTyler Hayes

4. Cultivating a Company Culture - Kendra AllenThompson Aderinkomi

3. Co-Creating a Community You're Proud of - Greg Tehven

2. Starting a School, Writing a Book in 8 Days, and Executing - Josh Long   

1. Turning Loss Into Love By Starting a Foundation - Tony Butler