121 More #Startupideas: No more excuses

Photo credit: Andrea Costa. http://bit.ly/1esfpMZ

Photo credit: Andrea Costa. http://bit.ly/1esfpMZ


A special gift for anyone wanting to do a startup.

I've come up with thousands of business ideas. This list contains some of my favorites. If you like any and want to chat, get in touch anytime (email: sukhneet@artofchange.co).

I'm giving you this list to eliminate any excuses from getting started. Ideas are all over the place. What matters most is how you execute.

Airbnb started as a bed and breakfast on an air mattress. Now it's a way for you to book a room anywhere from anyone willing to list their place. It took years of executing, testing, and adjusting based on failures to get to where they are now.

I'm also putting this here since I'm tossing them after this post. Hundreds of ideas down the drain, since it doesn't really matter...

On with the list!

  1. App builder framework- Squarespace for apps.
  2. Zillow for commercial buildings.
  3. Nuts'R'Us - nut delivery services. Subscription model.
  4. Personal Assistant firm.
  5. Cultural rehab center - re-training people to learn and work after corporate and educational life.
  6. Solvethis.com - website for people to list the biggest problems facing humanity.
  7. Wood quotes - inspirational quotes printed on reclaimed wood.
  8. Sock factory - Design and have people buy your socks. Teespring for socks.
  9. Orthokeratology Manufacturing plant. The technology improves vision without laser surgery.
  10. Car upgrade systems - redesign the car to easily upgrade components.
  11. Podcast starter kit.
  12. Drug de-addiction kit.
  13. Podwork - podcast social network.
  14. Singgg - showcase your singing to others
  15. Beard gel - beards are getting pretty badass these days. Make a gel that sticks.
  16. The email book - all about writing amazing emails for different situations.
  17. Unbroken Chain app - Allow for 1 habit that you check in to and creates a chain when you do it.
  18. Mix 'n' Match - allow people to find each other to work on mini-projects. It can evolve into a startup team.
  19. Moved.com - moving stories of change.
  20. Gift Give - pre-buy gifts to arrive on someone's birthday. Integrate with facebook to provide the dates for your friends, their likes, etc.
  21. Dry Eye solution kits - sell them to optometry clinics as 1 stop solution packages for dry eyes.
  22. Artify - crowd-sourced meaning for art and movies, like Rap Genius for visual art.
  23. Big Impact.org - site to identify small actions everyone can take to make a huge collective difference.
  24. 3d Me - You submit your art, the service uses 3D printers to make it a reality (and ships it to you). 
  25. Ride Together - carpooling app. I mention it since I'm not aware of any right now. May need rating system to ensure respectful use.
  26. Bike Bounce - bike rentals in parking garages. Think Nice Ride in parking garages. 
  27. Manifestos.com - easy manifesto building site that prints beautiful manifestos for people and businesses. Also contains database of powerful manifestos.
  28. A friendly ear - subscription based listening service
  29. Speed Reader Kindle app - Spreeder for the Kindle, PDF's, etc.
  30. Damage Calculator - Show real environmental costs of food, cars, clothing, etc. Provide alternatives for the worst offenders.
  31. Networking app - the online rolodex using machine learning and tracks your emails etc. to remind you who in your network you need to touch base with (I'll be your first customer).
  32. Better Bus system - Create better routes based on Google Maps data. Start with your own car, have it be subscription based.
  33. Plastic bookends - Recycles plastic that you shape into beautiful art.
  34. Sprinkler system automation - Integrates with Nest to water your yard on a schedule. Tech takes readings of nutrient levels and texts you for any nutrients it needs, or even orders it for you.
  35. Prayer Beads ecommerce shop.
  36. Squarespace up - Website of short codes specifically-designed for Square Space. They don't need to be, but people will trust it more.
  37. Electric Trucks - construction trucks with lighter, stronger frames that utilize solar power.
  38. High Speed conveyors - Elon Musk's Hyperloop idea to transporting goods on a smaller scale.
  39. Quosters - high quality quotes on posters.
  40. Spotify for podcasts.
  41. Pandora for podcasts.
  42. Millionaires shop.com - like Billionaire shop, for new millionaires.
  43. Billionaire specialty shop - do the Billionaireshop.com with a specialized focus. This makes your site more trusted for that niche.
  44. Keychain charger - with attached solar panel.
  45. Solar panel for your car dashboard with attached battery pack (maybe on your keychain).
  46. Cloth diaper service.
  47. Bottle cleaning brush.
  48. Viral arts - Growth hacking academy.
  49. Aluminum plant - Elon Musk complained of aluminum manufacturers severely limiting SpaceX's operations.
  50. Fireproof construction materials.
  51. Facebook stats analyzer - gives feedback and insights into engagement with your posts.
  52. Clothing subscription - specialized around scarves, gloves, blouses, or shirts. Or have full outfits delivered each week/month.
  53. Solar powered drones.
  54. Solar powered RC cars.
  55. Non-slip concrete for roads.
  56. Flexible yarn.
  57. Coolbookshelves.com.
  58. Wireless healthcare devices.
  59. Fully networked doctor offices.
  60. Epic Life app - music played based on where you are in a city.
  61. My history - history lessons based on streets in a city. New lessons given whenever you walk down a new street. Online community to edit and change history lessons.
  62. High class Etsy - only self-made items with @ least 100 hours poured into them. Base price on each item (100's or 1000's).
  63. Direct upload to Youtube app.
  64. Better graphical manipulation app - Like GIMP, but more intuitive for artists (feels more like brush and paper).
  65. Social network based on education.
  66. Non profit social network - focused on making a difference, connect to improve, and connect to work.
  67. Biodegradable clothing.
  68.  Sustainable pen subscription.
  69. The new toilet - re-design focused on squatting model, healthier for the bowel. Make effective versions with composting for places with little to no sewer system.
  70. Drone rescue unit - small, focused on finding people who need help and resources. Emergency response providing food, clothing, supplies, etc.
  71. Bamboo manufacturing company - using Bamboo to manufacture kitchen items, household items, and more.
  72. Writing experience platform - allowing for music and changing background colors as people read.
  73. Gamify exercise app.
  74. Speaker enhancer for your phone.
  75. Ready made emergency training bags - contains all items needed in an emergency, plus instructions of what to do to prepare, during, and right after an emergency.
  76. High end rental car business.
  77. Supplies Subscription service -B2B.
  78. Personal Feedback App - pull it out whenever you need to get personal feedback right away.
  79. App development consulting - for big name clients.
  80. Best of Instagram website.
  81. Contract Law seminar for Entrepreneurs - teach the essentials in a day.
  82. Reading stats app - integrates with Kindle, etc.
  83. Book worksheets - develop worksheets to implement the lessons in bestselling books.
  84. Products that last firm - make products that get better with use, not worse.
  85. Better speeches app - App to record your practice runs and review them, take notes, etc.
  86. Board game to teach kids critical thinking.
  87. Wedding framework site - like Wix, Squarespace, or Strikingly, made entirely for upcoming weddings. Charge a premium since it's a niche market, and integrate with wedding organizing apps. Provide advertising for wedding-focused freelancers.
  88. Nature Noise - audio recordings of natural sounds.
  89. Bamboo items - toothbrushes, laptop/phone cases, clothing.
  90. Music player for the shower - bluetooth to connect with your phone/computer.
  91. Track finances for your trip app.
  92. What should I build app - you throw up an idea and people can vote or pre-order.
  93. Language learning - a collection of the most commonly-used words and phrases in a language for someone to pick up and learn most of the language in a weekend.
  94. Sunglasses with built in speakers for theme songs.
  95. Compostable cups - we need as many suppliers of eco-friendly disposables as possible.
  96. Zillow for land.
  97. Craigslist for luxury items.
  98. Reading club - Subscription service where you're shipped books selected by people you admire.
  99. Baby communication kit - communicate better with your baby (yes, it's possible).
  100. Ant communication kit -  contains chemicals ants use to communicate, so you can draw a line out the door (or whatever else you come up with).
  101. Community Car Repair - post up the repair you need and find someone close by to do it (for a fee of course). They get rated on their repairing and time, etc.
  102. Tea Bags with wise ancient sayings.
  103. Favorite tweet merchandise - Users can have their best tweets thrown onto merchandise in a beautiful way, then sell to followers. You get a cut.
  104. Event organizer app - aggregate transportation questions, emailing, supplies needed, volunteer accounts, and a central communication platform.
  105. Smagam organizer app.
  106. Sex trafficking alert network - text in to a number when you find something. Helps law enforcement.
  107. Wood framed sunglasses.
  108. Buymybooks.com - University specific book exchange community.
  109. Noor kids for Sikhs (subscription children books for Sikh kids).
  110. Pressure-relief kit for kids in airplanes - HUGE pain point for parents. Also provide treats to calm down other passengers, who are often more emotionally distraught than the kids.
  111. Gurudwara resource manager - lists supplies needed and who's bringing them. Can pivot to supply for startups and other businesses. Basically a better inventory system (maybe have sensors).
  112. 3D printing spools - sell the picks in this gold rush.
  113. Phone analyzer app - track and display analytics for all your phone usage, including time in apps, messages sent, who you talk to, and more. I want this.
  114. Water power generator for the shower - make power while you shower.
  115. Workout cards - have it on an app so people know what workout to do.
  116. Sonar solutions - sonar for the blind.
  117. 90's shop - online shop of 90's stuff (pogs, etc.).
  118. Rental room - eliminate private property by renting out your rooms.
  119. Customer feedback app for hospitals.
  120. Design your own shoes - online site to design shoes and have them shipped to you.
  121. Diabetes tester - phone extension.
  122. Wedding planner app - all in one app that integrates to your social networks for the contact list.
  123. Crowdfunding site for empirical studies.
  124. Do this next - single-focused task list. Integrate with calendars for pre-scheduled blocks.
  125. Retreat finder website. Also include a campsite finder.
  126. Date spots - online community for great date locations, activities, and all that jazz.
  127. Religious jewelry - profit off religion (Ken Ham's pretty good at it).
  128. Stock market for social good - this may just look good on paper... Like cap and trade.
  129. Maps for social change - integrate data onto Google maps to see what resources are needed where.
  130. Activist's toolkit.
  131. Portable laptop stand
  132. Electric train company
  133. Street car company
  134. Electric motorcycle - I'd buy one, especially if cheap and using recycled materials.
  135. Social entrepreneurship school, or class to test it out.
  136. Angellist for social entrepreneurs.
  137. Peek for hospitals - basically snapchat for text messages, made for hospitals. 

I know, I know. There are more than 121 ideas here. I gave you more because I love you.

Please steal any and all ideas from this list. If you like the list, share it with friends.

Whichever one you choose to do, hammer down to the bare minimum. Start with simplest possible version to get it shipped, then push it out in a weekend. Listen to the interview with Josh Long to learn more (found here).

Find one that resonates with you. One that speaks to a pain point you experience. Then get to work.

We're counting on you.