Tracking yourself for personal change

She looked my way. We made eye contact for a split second. I flashed a smile. She smiled back and looked down. "Damn, she's cute!" I thought. She ordered her drink and moved on. As she walked past the other coffee-goers, she stopped to wait for her drink. We made eye contact again. My brain got a hit of some hormones while I felt giddy all over. 

I walked up to the counter to put in my order. The barista and I made a few jokes. I laughed at his joke and felt the girl's soft gaze. It helped that she saw me being social with other people, I thought.

I grabbed my drink and thanked my buddy. I turned towards her. My heart raced faster. We made eye contact as I approached. I smiled. She smiled back. She stood there, completely open. I got closer and closer. Then...

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An experiment with mice reveals a huge limitation in our thought process

I want to tell you a short story about mice.

Researchers wanted to see what mice would do when presented with a problem.

They set up a small room with a platform. There was no food in the room, and each mouse they put in the room was pretty hungry. The platform had a small jump with two doors, a left door and a right door. If the mouse jumped to the left, the door opened up to reveal some food. If the mouse jumped to the right side, they hit the door and fell into the net below.

Pretty straightforward.

Each mouse attempted a jump. Some chose the left and some chose the right. Over time, each mouse began learning that the left door contained food. The mice had learned about their environment. Soon enough, all the mice jumped for the left door every time. The food strengthened their routine and guided the mice. They knew where to go if they found themselves hungry again.  

Then the researchers tried something new.

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