"How do you make meaningful change?"

It's the question I'm seeking to answer here at Art of Change.

What does meaningful change even mean?

In our own lives, it means shifting our understanding so we see the world as it is, and then imagining how it can be. It means continually improving. It means giving each day everything we've got, while learning every step of the way.

In our communities, it means shifting habits and behaviors so each member is extensional to one another. It means if one member struggles, other members give everything they've got to help.

In society, it means creating solutions that solve the root cause of problems. Rather than throwing people who steal in jail, we study what causes that behavior to provide lasting support. Rather than just consoling family members of someone who died in a car accident, we apply new road materials to prevent future accidents. Rather than giving money to charity, we develop a social structure that addresses the needs of every individual. That way we eliminate the need for charity.

We're facing bigger challenges than we've ever faced before. Economic degradation. The collapse of entire governments overnight. Plastic deposits in oceans over hundreds of miles long. 

Yet we're armed with opportunities like we've never seen before.

Right now, every person with a device and internet connection owns a media company. We've got the ability to find out about revolutions taking place in other countries. We can dive into documentaries to explore the problem of plastic in the ocean. We're able to contribute support for thousands of causes with a click of our mouse.

We don't need anyone's permission anymore.

Victor Saad is creating a new type of school. Kendra Allen and Thompson Aderinkomi are working to cut healthcare costs in half for all Americans. Lakhpreet Kaur is creating an online community for Sikh women to connect and empower each other.

Real change starts with ourselves. We cannot sit on the sidelines as passive observers anymore. It's time each of us take up the torch and move humanity forward.

It's a tall order. It's difficult and scary. But by changing ourselves, we inspire others to change.

Over time, we create meaningful change that lasts.

I created "7 Simple Habits" report to make it easier to get started. It contains 7 simple habits that changed my life. They contributed to the site you're visiting now.

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